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Employee Performance Management through Gamification

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Designed for the workplace, IActionable is a performance management platform that leverages gamification to help your employees understand and meet your expectations.

About IActionable

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We bridge the gap between manager expectations and employee performance.

Use the right tool for the job. You have tools to manage customers, manage time, manage phones, manage support, manage servers, and manage sales. When it comes to managing their performance, do your employees have the right tool? Do they have any tool at all?

IActionable was founded in 2010 before the word gamification existed. Needless to say, we've been doing this for a while. When it comes to employee gamification, IActionable is the right tool for the job.

  • Clear Objective Expectations

    Employees often don't know what is expected of them or how well they are meeting those expectations. We make everything crystal clear.

  • real-time Feedback

    IActionable updates in real-time so everyone always know exactly where they stand and what to focus on.

  • Measure and Motivate

    Reporting is the first step, but we go further by improving performance using gamification elements to mold and direct behavior.

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Employee Engagement in Numbers

More Productive
More Revenue Produced
Less Likely to Leave
Better Customer Satisfaction


We can employ a variety of gamification elements that can be used to motivate and engage your employees.


New employees should learn the basics before they dive in. Onboarding allows them to demonstrate basic skills and reinforce training.


Goals lie at the heart of our system. You can set up clear objective goals around any metric and interval that makes sense for you.


Score is a single number that sums up an employee's performance. It fluctuates like a credit score and gives an employee a holistic view of their performance.


Achievements recognize exceptional performance or long term accomplishments. They are an extra layer of objectives to work towards and are a source of bragging rights.


An easy way to add a sense of competition, leaderboards allow you to rank people or teams against each other across any metrics and timeframes you'd like.


IActionable can automate and track a variety of contests used to drive performance and incentives. No more spreadsheets sent over email to update people.

How it Works


Define Performance

Create a system that makes sense for your environment, processes, and culture. Configure each role in your company.


Connect your Data

We don't create any extra work for your employees. We connect directly to your data so everything is automated.


Employees get Real-time Feedback

Feedback is delivered in real-time directly to your employees so they can adjust throughout the workday.


Iterate and Improve

Make adjustments and changes at your own pace to keep everything fresh and continue to see improvements.

Not all Fun and Games

Some people hear the word "gamification" and envision people playing Tetris at their desk. We're not about games. We're not even about fun. We're about providing the best information in a compelling way to encourage people to perform better at their jobs. For us, gamification is about understanding the compelling aspects of games that engage people and applying them to something practical.

People don't grind out achievements in video games for hours because it's fun; they do it for the recognition, sense of accomplishment, and "because it's there". This isn't about high scores and points. Pac Man was 30 years ago. Games have come a long way since then, no need to start at the beginning. We love games here but this isn't about games, it's about the lessons we learned playing games.

tl;dr It's all about ROI.

Trusted by Thousands of Employees

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IActionable has been a great motivational tool for our sales team. It was designed to sharpen our team's focus on both individual and team goals... and it worked! It helped drive adoption and motivated the salesmen to put their opportunities in Salesforce at earlier stages of the sales process. It's been amazing to see how IActionable's gamification ranking capitalized on the natural competitive spirit of our sales reps. The IActionable team developed the app to meet our specific needs and provided outstanding support along the way. If you are looking for a gamification app to help drive adoption and focus on delivering results, IActionable should be the first one you call. Highly recommended!!!

Luanne Johnson, Caterpillar

The Gamification platform by IActionable perfectly suited our needs, thanks to its flexibility, reliability and a built-in set of mechanics adjusted particularly for Support team environment. Throughout the implementation period the IActionable team was always there to help us set up and adapt the tool so that it now fully meets our expectations and opens up great prospects.

Valery Semakin, Veeam