Goals lie at the heart of the gamification system. When you set clear, objective goals around a metric and time interval in a gaming situation, you will increase employee engagement and cultivate individual responsibility for meeting performance expectations within your team.

And with IActionable, anything that you’ve got numbers on, we can track it and set goals around it.

Here’s how you can harness the power of goals within IActionable to set employee expectations, inspire your team, and achieve company-wide objectives.

Provide clear direction and set expectations for supervisors and employees

Goals are at the heart of IActionable. When you open the app, goals are the first thing an employee will see.

Here are a few features of IActionable goals:

  • Progress bar: as an employee gets closer to achieving a goal, it will change color to indicate their progress. Green is good, and if you’re falling behind, it can change to yellow.
  • Stretch goals: assign varying levels of importance to goals. For example, you can set “gold” goals, “silver” goals, etc.
  • Time based: Goals can be customized to fit timelines within your organization, and can be re-occurring.
  • Automatically updated: IActionable gathers data behind the scenes and automatically updates progress within the app. You set the metrics that are most important to your organization, and we’ll show your your progress, in real time.

You can have as many goals as you like, and they can be as simple or complex as you like.

Motivate by celebrating success and cultivating fulfillment

IActionable gives employees credit when they are successful at meeting their own goals. This instills a sense that they are in charge of their own destiny, which can motivate employees to go above and beyond.

Keeping motivation up can be a big task when it comes to the everyday to-dos. It’s natural at times for people to get bored, stressed, tired, and overworked. But if the small tasks don’t get completed, then performance goals won’t be met and company objectives can’t be realized.

IActionable is all about providing that little extra motivation to complete that extra task. While you may not be able to transform every employee into a superstar overnight, you will be able to bump everyone up a notch from where they otherwise would be. And that leads to big results for your organization as a whole.

Achieving Company Objectives

Goals are where you set expectations for employees, based on their job role. Organizational objectives are meant to improve the company as a whole, but these objectives are too often vague and unattainable. That is, unless they can be paired with actionable “goals.”

When company objectives are known, performance goals can line up to meet them. And with IActionable, you can customize employee goals to be as simple or complex as you need them to be.

Personalizing the employee experience with gaming profiles, competition, and rewards can go a long way to increasing engagement and excitement in hitting the bullseye on the target.  

The Psychology of Gaming

Installing gamification techniques into your company culture sounds like a fun idea, but there is much more behind the idea than just having a good time.

Games hook players by fulfilling their human needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Through the intelligent design of a gamification platform, those needs are met which, in turn, make it possible for humans to meet outside needs (a.k.a company goals).

The evidence is insightful.

  • Gamification uses 75% psychology and 25% technology.
  • 79% of employees and university students say that a game introduced to their learning environment would make them more productive.
  • 89% of those surveyed state that a point system would boost their engagement.
  • 40% of Global 1000 organizations plan to employ gamification to improve their business operations.

IActionable with work with you to set the best goals for your organization

The true power of IActionable lies in its customization, and we’re here to help. A big part of what we do is consult with you and help you craft and customize the goals that will best serve your organization.

For more information on using IActionable’s gamification platform to help your employees achieve job satisfaction, reach performance goals, and contribute to company objectives, request a FREE Demo today!