IActionable Helps Fortune 100 Manufacturer Motivate Sales Team & Improve Performance

Business Concern

When we met the Information Manager at this Fortune 100 Manufacturer the first time, she was working in the equipment resale division, responsible for the sales team there. The environment was not energetic, sales representatives were not engaged, and because sales reports were not routinely shared with the team due to the time required of managers to pull them together, many felt directionless.

“Specifically, the problems experienced by the team included infrequent sharing of performance information, limited transparency, and the absence of real-time performance visibility. Basically, our sales team felt unmotivated and their sales performance reflected this fact.” – (Information Manager)

Experience & Results With IActionable

The Information Manager realized she needed to do something about the sales team performance and began searching for a solution. While attending Dreamforce, she met IActionable’s CEO Ryan Elkins, someone she described as young and innovative.

The team was willing and able to very quickly put together a customized version of the IActionable gamification platform to fit a large enterprise like this Fortune 100 manufacturer and deployed the tool throughout the organization’s resale unit. Results were quick.

“Our sales reps got really excited to get immediate feedback – it was just a totally positive experience right from the beginning. Once it was set up, there was no need to go back and change anything, we just stood back and let it go.” – (Information Manager)

IActionable’s gamification tool helped increase visibility for everyone, especially the managers and sales force. Team members were able to clearly see both their own, and their co-workers’, targets and progress lines which helped stimulate the natural competitive nature of salespeople.

“Engagement with one another and their performance changed dramatically once [salespeople] gained the visibility into what was really happening” – (Information Manager)

A New Competitive Environment

Once the data became easily accessible, status meetings went from monthly to weekly because managers were able to easily highlight results directly from their IActionable account. Now that the data is more visible, they are seeing:

  • More discussion among teammates
  • Bi-directional communication about open deals
  • Opportunites to highly target deals to close, shorten the sales cycle
  • Rankings visibility fostering greater camaraderie and competitiveness

One of the most positive outcomes the organization experienced is the way IActionable allowed them to be proactive about business decisions in real time – this is the holy grail of any performance motivation system worth its salt.

Company Overview

Sector: Industrials

Class: Fortune 100

Employees: 110,000+

Scale: Global

Key Results

IActionable helped this manufacturer:

  • Improve data visibility
  • Enhance performance reporting
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Foster camaraderie and competition among the sales team
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