Bring out the best in your employees.

Do your employees know what is expected of them every day? Do they know how well they are meeting those expectations? Engage for Salesforce helps you communicate expectations and allows employees to better manage their own performance. How does it work?


All things equal, nothing is more important than productivity. Engage can be used as a broad multi-tool designed to encourage multiple behaviors at once, but Engage can also be custom designed to laser target a single performance issue. You can establish game mechanics directly within Salesforce to drive more calls, increase lead response time, increase conversion rates, completion of records, and so on. Engage can be a whole tool belt, but it can also be a #17 wrench to tighten that one pesky screw.


Reduce time, cost and dependency on training with the use of Engage for Engage can be used to help new users navigate and explore the CRM while providing encouragement to reinforce when actions have been completed in the correct fashion. It all happens directly within the application a quick and easy way to get users through training and in to working.


Safeguard your CRM investment by increasing adoption rates. By quickly and efficiently displaying how to use in the proper way with added game elements, and by tracking login records and publicly displaying them, you dramatically increase the chances of initial adoption.


Similar to adoption and training, Engage can be used to help a team master the full functionality of a The vast majority of SFDC users leverage less than half of its feature functions. Some simply may not need said functions, but others certainly are not aware of the CRM’s full capabilities or don’t know how to use them. Engage can create a system that encourages exploration and learning to drive long term mastery of the application.


One of the most pervasive issues across all industries and job functions is compliance. How do you ensure users are entering data in the same way, every time? Many organizations spend unnecessary time tracking such compliance deficiencies with the SFDC Admin. Now, with positive reinforcement large teams can achieve and maintain compliance automatically. This helps you increase reporting accuracy and the integrity of your organization’s data.


Significant increases in accountability are achieved with the use of the Engage platform. When expectations are clear and everyone can see how they are doing in real time it paints a very clear picture of how well they are performing at their position. The addition of being able to see how they compare to others in the same role adds a motivating factor.


Visibility is achieved throughout the organization with Engage. Executives and managers can have new, customizable insight into team performance. Compare reps on a single team or weight points to compare different teams that, until now, could not be compared pound for pound. Peer to peer visibility is the primary driver of increased competition.


Let’s face it. It’s likely not everyone on your sales floor likes each other. It’s more than likely more than one person on your sales floor thinks they are the best – they are sales people after all. Engage provides the visibility and comparison to drive competition and put those team dynamics to work for your organization. Engage provides a platform for status, recognition, power, access and even spite to focus human psychology on increasing sales numbers.