What is Gamification?

Gamification increases engagement by leveraging feedback mechanisms traditionally found in games

What It Is

Here at IActionable we take the ideas and techniques around providing feedback to players from games and move them in to non-gaming applications. We are not trying to make things that are not games become games. We know you may want to take a common task and make it “fun” – but that’s not what we do – not directly. What we do is help users see how well they are performing or contributing, how they compare to other people, and provide goals for them to work towards.

Now, some people may find that fun. Some people like getting feedback and seeing improvement or validation. Some people like the competition amongst others. This kind of fun is a nice side effect, but incidental. It is not the primary goal. The primary goal varies for each company we work with but is generally tied directly to their business goals. We motivate users towards these goals by showing them what is expected and how well they are meeting those expectations. It’s all wrapped up in a game-like interface, but no one is going to think they are playing Space Invaders.

Why You Need It

Gamification builds user engagement. What kind of users do you have? Are they website visitors, customers, students or maybe employees? Gamification allows you to reward your users, which does a few things for you:

  • Builds loyalty
  • Creates status
  • Provides meaningful feedback
  • Encourages exploration

And what does all that get you? That, my friend, gets you a user that:

  • Is more engaged
  • Comes back more often
  • Spends more time with you
  • Participates more fully

The Next Level

In the early days of the internet we used sites to display content. People came and consumed the content that the site owners had created. Everything was mostly static. These were the days of Yahoo!, portals, and Amazon.

Next came the interactive web – MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites really lead the way here. Web sites became more about users interacting with the site directly, or more often, with each other. As more and more sites incorporate interactivity we start to face information overload. How do we get people to stay on any new site long enough to grab their attention? How do we help to teach them how to use the site? How do we engage them so that they want to come back tomorrow and the day after that?

The answer lies in the next phase of the web – the gamified web.

This isn’t a totally new idea. We use concepts like this all the time already. Think of the number of followers you might have on Twitter or the number of helpful reviews you received on your last Amazon product review. These are “scores” in a way. We use them to measure success to a degree. We’re taking this simple idea and pushing it to the next level.

Will gamification be the next “social”? We think so.

The IActionable Difference

IActionable provides an API to easily start rewarding people on your website or application. We help clients:

  • Design a reward system that’s right for you
  • Integrate our powerful engagement engine
  • Understand the analytic data from the system to further boost engagement

Anyone can add points and simple badges – at IActionable we have built the most powerful gamification engine available. This allows you to easily offer reward systems that no one else can offer. On top of that, we are gamers at heart. We understand what works and what doesn’t and we’re ready to use that knowledge to help you.