Track, Measure, and Gamify in Zendesk!

Adding in the element of gamification to customer service teams increases employee engagement and makes performance management transparent. IActionable integrates directly with Zendesk to allow you to set up rewards and achievements on any of your existing customer service metrics and updates the data in real time. You build the goals and achievements and everyone’s IActionable dashboards update seamlessly as your customer service representatives complete the work.

Interested in tracking the number of tickets resolved? Customer satisfaction? Talk time? We can track, measure and gamify all inputs from your team.

  • Integration is easy
    IActionable is built so managers can implement setup – no developers needed. From there you simply start configuring which metrics you want us to track – all from our admin panel. Virtually any data in Zendesk is available to build your rewards system around and all data updates in real time.
  • Set up is fast
    How do you get employees into the system? We connect directly to your Zendesk account and can import everyone over immediately and keep them synced across the platforms.
  • Single sign-on
    Users don’t have to learn a new password. They can sign in on any of our clients using their Zendesk username and passwords.

Interested in learning more? We’ll show you how it works!