Engage Engine

Advanced Gamification Advanced Gamification
At IActionable we pride ourselves on delivering a technologically advanced gamification system. We were the first to deliver many of the concepts you see below and we continue to lead the industry in capabilities. At the heart of our success is the Engage Engine – an advanced data processing cluster of computers that processes millions of events against complex customized rules in order to deliver the correct results to each individual person in real time.

We’re not kidding when we say the Engage Engine is the most flexible and customizable gamification platform. Our advanced engine can be configured to create the perfect game for your users. We believe it’s important to create reward systems which are easy to learn yet difficult to master. That’s why our system was designed to allow you to create compelling rewards with complex requirements.

See for Yourself

Goals Goals
There are a few elements that make a person significantly more likely to accomplish a goal – they should be visible, measureable, and public. IActionable helps you with all of these. Give users clear and measureable goals, track their progress towards those goals, and make that progress transparent. Make sure this information is easily visible to them as they do their work and you have a recipe for success. It really can be that easy – track goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.
Achievements Achievements
Give your users the ability to show off their epic accomplishments. Achievements represent the important milestones and difficult tasks accomplished by your users. The Engage Engine can support both simple and complex reward structures. Encourage your users to go that extra mile with some visible recognition.
Points Points
Proper feedback is all about letting users know if they are doing well or not. IActionable provides an extremely flexible point system so you can provide feedback and reward your users exactly as you intend to. The Engage Engine point system is fully customizable and can supports an unlimited number of point types within the same account. Points drive many of the other Engage Engine features such as Levels and Leaderboards.
Levels Levels
Levels are a very intuitive way for users to show their expertise and seniority among peers. Levels are a good way to highlight experts while giving new people something to work towards in a long term. It’s a simple way to track progress and recognize people as they improve over time.
Leaderboards Leaderboards
Leaderboards can drive serious competition. Show your users exactly where they rank compared to others in real-time and recognize your top performers. The Engage Engine supports time-based leaderboard rounds such as Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Yearly and Lifetime.
Notifications Notifications
Having a system that generates feedback is just about worthless if no one knows about it. We provide a notification engine that allows you to alert your users to the feedback and rewards they are earning in as close to real time as possible (and by that we mean seconds, not minutes or hours).
Analytics Analytics
When you think of analytics you probably think of one thing: page views. This has been the main metric of measurement by for a long time. It’s a pretty good one. What other metrics are important to you? Maybe it’s comments, or blog posts. Maybe success is better measured by what people do when they are on your site than by how many times they visit it. We can help with that. We provide fully customizable analytics, so you can measure what is important to you.
Scalability Scalability
You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about the cloud. What does it mean and why should you care? What it means for you is that we can ramp up to handle any size customer quickly and easily while providing excellent availability at a low cost that we can pass along to you.
We can interface with any application that can access the internet in an industry standard, easy to use format. We’re built on the same protocol as the web so any decent web developer should be able to understand and start using our API in a snap. What that means is that we are limited only by the data you have available. The more data sources you have the more robust and meaningful system we can help you create.