Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are 43% more productive, produce 23% more revenue, are 87% less likely to leave

Engaged employees plan to stay for what they give; the disengaged stay for what they get.

Furthermore, only 31% of employees are engaged and 17% are actually disengaged, while the remainders simply float.

It’s no secret which of these you want in your organization. If there were a magic formula for hiring only those who will be engaged, it would probably be the most pervasive methodology in the corporate world today. Since this formula does not exist, the real question becomes how do you cultivate a culture and environment that not only encourages engagement but actually creates it.

Enter IActionable’s Engage Engine: a powerful web-based gamification platform. Gamification is the use of game mechanics to non-game applications. The effectiveness of game mechanics have been detailed time and again, however the most obvious impact could be in the amount of time children spend playing video games as opposed to more traditional games. It is unlikely the nature of children has changed, pointing to the nature the games themselves. Game mechanics have evolved to not only to increase engagement – they have gone as far as driving actual behavior.

Using a CRM as an easy example, an organization can mitigate investment risk by increasing adoption rates, reduce training cost by providing embedded training prompts, ensure consistency of use across team members which can increase reporting and forecasting accuracy and ensure they know the full range of functionality by building game mechanics around advanced usage. This does not even touch upon the impact gamification has on the actual productivity of your team via increased competition, visibility and accountability.
ERP, IT help desk, project management (PPM), Call center software; whatever tool your knowledge workers interact with can be gamified to drive beneficial behavior.

One more game, one level higher, have to be #1, have to catch #4, have to unlock just one more achievement. These game dynamics keep you playing longer while looking for more ways to get better. Businesses have applied rudimentary versions of these tactics for longer than anyone reading this has been around. Post sales numbers, reward customer satisfaction levels, incentivized sales. At the same time, businesses have always seen how such programs fail to achieve the desired results.

IActionable’s Engage Engine provides any and all game mechanics required to drive the behavior you need. It’s Easy to set up and even easier to use. The Engage Engine can be embedded into any software, website or application.

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