IActionable is a web based (SaaS) gamification software platform that applies game mechanics to non-game applications.

IActionable can be used to dramatically change user interface and user experience and ultimately drive behavior in the form of participation and engagement.  Conceived in 2009 and officially incorporated in 2010, IActionable was among the first to pioneer Gamification.  Founded by expert developers Ryan Elkins and Jason Barnes, the IActionable platform has quickly gained recognition as one of the most powerful, most flexible and easiest to use in the industry.

We believe in corporate responsibility and to that end, we provide our technology for free to educational institutions and certain Health and Wellness applications.  In addition we are a green company and are 99.99% paperless (.001 represents primarily Jason’s post-it notes).  IActionable strives to be the leading provider of gamification for customers, employees, general users and students alike.